Keone Malia - Protaginist, Daughter of Namaka

Maui - Acts like a bad guy in Act 1, The Climax is Maui turning against Pele

Pele - Main Antagonist, is trying to destroy Kanaloa by destroying every ocean on Earth

Namaka - Goddess of the Ocean, Slave to Pele, secretly helps her daughter

Kanaloa - Keone’s ‘friend’, is actually puppeteering a war so she can rule the Earth

Lono - Advice Giver, knows Kanaloa’s plan but has a curse to not tell anyone

Lona - Maui’s Map, eventually feeds Maui false information so he can relize his wrongs

Akea - Leader of Pele/Kanaloa’s Army

Lie - Tells Keone why Maui isn’t acting very heroic like the legends

Milu - The keeper of Peles boat

Pele thinks that Kanaloa is being evil, which she is, so they begin to battle. Everyone at Hapa ‘O ka pa is scared cause this battle could be the end of the world for everyone. No Demigod is strong enough. If there could be they’d never exist because of the pact Pele, Nakama, and Milu have made after World War 2 along with the Greek Gods. Pele inlists the help of Maui to retrieve her boat from the underowld as Milu has kept it since the ancient times. She tells him not to let anyone stop his voyage and to talk to Lona. Keone, the daughter of Namaka, is turning 13, a sacred number to the gods. It is unknown to her she will be Maui’s greatest foe and later friend. She does not know shes a Demigod. During her orientation for 7th Grade, The Mujina is in her school. She is unlucky enough to meet her. Knowing her true identity, Mujina tries to murder Keone. Maui, in disguise talking to a disguised Lona, offers his fishhook weapon to Keone as the Mujina regains composure from a chair being thrown at her. Keone accepts and slices at the Mujina. The Creature turns to ash. Keone turns back to Maui. He takes back his weapon and vanishs into the crowd.

Her Father, Keahi, asks for her to go to the car. She follows and they drive off. They drive into a lush jungle lined with Torches. Keone is reluctant to go to where they’re going. Her father parks infront of a small gate. It’s in Hawaiin but she understands this has to do with ‘half blood’

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