It’s not like Nico meant to get into a fight.

Atleast thats how she thought it. It was impossible to know what really happened as any detail was blurry. The most anyone knew was

  1. Nico had been provoked by someone

    1. That someone wasn’t known, like the details were

  1. She wasn’t the only one that threw fists.

    1. She had walked back to her “house” with a bloodied nose and bruises

    2. She had failed to treat any scrape or cut so she had infected wounds

  1. Her clothes had been torn and had holes in it.

This was all anyone knew except for the police. That was the last thing the poor “orphan” needed. Nico couldn’t possibly go to jail. She pondered on it. It’d be better than the hole in the wall where her and other run-away orphans came. No food, murky and dirty water, and no change of clothes. Stealing was anyone’s gig. If Nico had been caught stealing and was convicted for every time she stole her sentences would add up like LEGO bricks. But if she was convicted for those crimes, and the assualt she had just pulled? Her kids would go to jail, her kids kids would go to jail, and longer. She sat in the corner, watching the littler orphans play around. She smiled  

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