Sometime Eons ago. . .[edit | edit source]

  • White Diamond, Dresden Green, Galaxy, and Paragon emerge
  • White, Paragon and the others Part
  • The Diamond and Paragon Authority's are started

6,000 or more years ago. . .[edit | edit source]

  • Pearl, Bismuth, Ruby, Sapphire, and Lapis are created
  • During the Colonization of a planet Pink Diamond requests she have one colony to Yellow Diamond.
  • Rose Quartz's are first produced.
  • Rose Quartz (Canon), Rose Quartz (Naval), Rose Quartz (Eye), Rose Quartz (Shoulder), and Rose Quartz (Chest) are created

5,760 Years ago. . .[edit | edit source]

  • Lapis summons her shiled infront of (a)n Unidentified Homeworld Gem(s)
  • Amazonite is formed
  • Amazonite fights a Ruby Fusion
  • Amazonite runs away

5,750 Years ago. . .[edit | edit source]

  • Rose Quartz and Pearl rebel. This makes the seconds instance a Rose has left the Authority
  • White, Yellow, and Blue deem the Rose's vulnerable to leaving and they force Pink Diamond to bubble the remaining Rose Quartz's.
  • Blue Diamond arrives on Earth to help keep The Rebellion at bay
  • Sapphire is escorted by Three Ruby Guards to Blue Diamond
  • Garnet is formed for the first time
  • Ruby is threatened to be Broken
  • Sapphire saves Ruby
  • Garnet joins the Rebellion

5,680 Years ago. . .[edit | edit source]

  • Amazonite is found by Peach Quartz. She is brought to Rose who recruits her into the rebellion
  • Jasper is recruited into the Rebellion by one of the founding members Jade

5,500 Years ago. . .[edit | edit source]

  • The Rebellion is officially formed
  • The Ancient Sky Arena becomes witness to the first battles of the long war

5,300 Years ago. . .[edit | edit source]

  • Lapis arrives on Earth and is caught in a battle
  • She is poofed by a Sillohete that looks like Bismuth
  • She is placed in a mirror, mistaken for a rebel, and is used to get information on the rebellion

5,000 Years Ago. . .[edit | edit source]

  • The Beta Kindergarten is terraformed
  • The Commanding Four fight Rose, Pearl, Garnet, and Bismuth. The Commanding Four win
  • Bismuth suggests The Breaking Point. Rose Declines
  • Bismuth gets angry, saying "What kind of leader doesn't give her army the best chance to win?!"
  • She is poofed by Rose and stored in Lions Mane
  • Pink Diamond is later Shattered
  • Homeworld works on Gem Mutant Experiments
    • Sometime during this the cluster is incubated

4,500 Years ago. . .[edit | edit source]

  • Homeworld evacuates The Earth Colony via The Galaxy Warp
    • Lapis is trampled and cracked
  • The Corruption Song/Light/Bomb happens.
  • Rose saves Garnet, Pearl, Amazonite, Peach Quartz, Jasper, and Tigers Eye

Unknown Times[edit | edit source]

  • Era Two begins
  • Yellow Diamond is formed
  • Blue Diamond is formed
  • Amethyst Emerges
  • Pearl finds Lapis's Mirror
  • Obsidian is formed by fusing Rose, Garnet, Pearl, and Amethyst
  • They soon model their temple after their fusion
  • Peach, Amazonite, Jade, and Jasper settle in a cave
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