The Great Diamond Authority is the ruler of Homeworld and it's outlying colony's. It is ruled by White Diamond, Yellow Diamond, and Blue Diamond. Formally, it was also ruled by Pink Diamond, who was later shattered by Rose Quartz.

Matriarchs[edit | edit source]

White Diamond[edit | edit source]

White Diamond is the main leader of The Diamond Authority. She has the most colonies by far. She made her debut in Legs From Here to Homeworld. She has hair shaped in a Pentagon-Star shape. She has black long finger nails, with black lipstick. She has not left her ship in eons.

Yellow Diamond[edit | edit source]

Yellow Diamond she is theorized to have been grown by White before Blue or Pink. She is like a Military General when she talks to gems lower to her. She has the second most colonies. She has pointy hair, she is the same height as Blue Diamond and has a gem placed on her chest like Blue. We've seen two variations on her Mural on Earth's Moon Base and The Jungle Moonbase

Blue Diamond[edit | edit source]

Blue Diamond is the third Diamond in the Authority. She owns most diplomats and terraformers. She comes in third place for most colonies. She is very calm infront of her court but around other Diamonds and her pearl she is an emotional wreck. She misses Pink badly. She has white hair, a robe, and she posseses the same gem placement as Yellow Diamond.

Pink Diamond[edit | edit source]

Pink Diamond is the Diamond who was shattered. She owned one colony before she was shattered, Earth. She is as tall as the fusion Stevonnie. She has fluffy Pink hair, a tu-tu. Her Gem rests on her Naval. It is unknown how Pink was truly shattered but the popular theory is that Rose Quartz, leader of the rebellion, took her sword, walked up through her enterouge and shattered Pink Diamond. The Truth is Rose Quartz is Pink Diamond and she faked her shattering to aid the rebellion.  

The Colonies[edit | edit source]

Existing Colonies[edit | edit source]

Former Colonies[edit | edit source]

  • The Earth controlled by Pink Diamond
  • Jungle Moon's Parent Planet controlled by Yellow Diamond

Current Subordinates[edit | edit source]

  • Hessonite (Back Gem)
  • Emerald (Chest Gem)
  • Neptunium (Chest Gem)
  • Moonstone (Chest Gem)
  • Ruby (Eye Gem)
  • Jasper (Chest Gem)
  • Peridot (Naval Gem)
  • Peridot (Back Gem)
  • Citrine (Thigh Gem)
  • Citrine (Forehead Gem)
  • Topaz (Naval Gem)
  • Topaz (Chest Gem)
  • Blue Zircon (Eye Gem)
  • Green Zircon (Hand Gem)
  • Holly Blue Agate (Canon)
  • Selenite (Back of Head Gem)
  • Kyanite (Nape Gem)
  • Nephrite (Eye Gem)
  • Iris Agate (Naval Gem)
  • Jasper (Eye Gem)
  • Peridot (Squaridot, Canon)
  • Topaz (Canon)
  • Topaz (Canon)
  • Blue Zircon (Canon)
  • Green Zircon (Canon)
  • Aquamarine (Canon)
  • Aquamarine (Naval Gem)
  • Pink Sapphire (Eye Gem)
  • Brown Sapphire
  • Pink Sapphire (Head Gem)
  • Orange Pearl (Back Gem)
  • Bismuth (Head Gem)
  • Peridot (Forehead Gem)
  • Peach Quartz (Naval Gem)
  • Pink Zircon (Naval Gem)
  • Blood Ruby (Naval Gem)
  • White Quartz (Hand Gem)
  • Amber (Chest Gem)
  • Amber (Naval Gem)
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